The Syrian Youth Assembly

We are a project of the Young Global Citizens Assembly e.V, an international non-governmental, charitable organization registered in Berlin – Germany.

The Syrian Youth Assembly works with Syrian youth in Syria and worldwide. In our projects, we focus on education, development, and peacebuilding, as we provide access to higher education for refugees and internally displaced persons through digital solutions and our virtual platform in cooperation with different partners from around the world, in addition to education programs our programs focuses on career paths in different sectors, the most important of which is technology, to provide decent job opportunities for Syrian youth. In addition to this, we are working on various peace-building activities to enable skills and provide space and common ground for Syrian youth to participate in the peace process at the social and political levels.

The number of beneficiaries of our various programs since 2016 has reached more than 130.000  young people, present in Syria and different places around the world. We have implemented more than 15 different projects with the support of various international bodies. We have hundreds of success stories about the importance and effectiveness of The programs we offer at the professional, academic, and peace-building levels.

The investment value of our partners in services and programs has exceeded $10 million over the past five years.

Our Mission

The Syrian Youth Assembly works with Syrian youth across borders to create a better and safer future for all, based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and United Nations Security Council Resolutions 2250 and 2418 on Youth, Peace, and Security. The Syrian Youth Assembly enables young people to access many of the skills they need today at the professional and academic level, and knowledge of peacebuilding and sustainable development goals; In addition to the values of a global citizen to live in a world of peace and prosperity.

Why young people?

Before the outbreak of the conflict, Syria was home to one of the youngest populations in the world. About a third of the Syrian population is between 10 and 24 years old. As the Syrian conflict enters its eleventh year, its impact on adolescents, youth, and women has been particularly devastating. Rather than entering a transitional age full of learning, exploration, dreams, and ambitions, these groups have been constantly exposed to a brutal war, experiencing untold suffering through displacement and ongoing conflict, affecting their present and their future. However, these young people will be responsible for rebuilding the country. Therefore, SYA believes that their empowerment and their involvement at various levels are necessary for Syria’s social, political, and economic stability, its future, and its scientific development, which will support the Syrians’ faith in their homeland and turn it into an attractive place for its children, which may contribute to spreading peace and the return of those who left Syria to it to be part of its renaissance at all levels. This may not only be reflected in the Syrian geography but in the entire region.

Our Vision

We aim to organize, mobilize Syrian youth, develop their skills, and secure their basic needs of education, employment, and development to influence and participate in the Syrian peace process in the short term and mobilize support for peace and the reconstruction of Syria in the long term. We aim to achieve effective and sustainable development in society through qualified cadres and effective partnerships that work to professionally implement several programs and projects based on transparency and integrity systems in the social, economic, and cultural aspects.

What is the main motive behind the establishment of our organization?

The motive behind establishing the Syrian Youth Assembly was to support and empower Syrian youth worldwide. Both refugees and internally displaced persons participate in the Syrian peace process and allow Syrian youth to participate in defining and shaping the future they will live in. Still, our strategy has changed its course some. This is because of the difficult conditions experienced by Syrian youth, which made them not interested in political participation or the peace and democracy process. Our attention shifted to enabling, supporting, and providing educational opportunities for Syrian youth through online higher education in a wide range of global platforms and educational activities we present.

What problem are we trying to solve in our society?

Through our current strategy, we are working to develop and build the skills of Syrian youth, refugees, and internally displaced persons. Our work seeks to support young people in obtaining the education that can provide new skills that help in obtaining a job, including digital skills, which young people can find Online job opportunities remotely.

What excites us most about working with our local community?

Our work directly impacts young people’s lives, with many success stories from young people, the importance of what we offer educational opportunities and new skills, and how these courses contributed to giving them a real job opportunity. Everyday Peace  By providing the opportunity for development and education, we help young people find their inner peace.

What do we do?

We are an institution that works from youth to youth, believes in the capabilities of youth and their role in building peace and building society, and we believe that empowering young people and building and developing their capabilities will contribute to building society and peace and in the future. And we have learned that in order to work on involving young people in the peace process, we must first focus on their basic needs and provide access to higher education and educational services and provide vocational rehabilitation programs, guidance and training, in addition to education and development we offer various programs related to the involvement of Syrian youth in The Syrian peace process and we implement advocacy and awareness missions and conduct consultations and discussions among Syrian youth, and we are always keen that all our educational and peace-building programs have the ability to reach all Syrian youth and overcome all cultural, social and security barriers, especially For Syrian girls, that is why we have relied a lot on digital solutions since 2016.

In the educational aspect, we have worked over the past years on various projects, and here we mention some of them with the numbers we have achieved :

1- Coursera – more than 80,000 applicants – 45,000 active students
2- Babbel – more than 15.000 applicants – 10.000 students are currently active
3- Duolingo English Test –  Over 500 free exams
4- Alison has more than 9,000 students benefiting
5- Amboss more than 3600 students
6- Data Camp – more than 200 students
7- The SYA English Academy has more than 600 students
8- TOEFL exams more than 25 free exams
9- Facebook Blueprint – An Empowerment Program for more than 600 students
10- University of the People –  more than 100 scholarships
11- Specializations that gather SYA through the educational platform.
12- Webinars 
13- Mentor Shape program for more than 300 students
14- Psychological support program with more than 1000 beneficiaries
15- Erasmus projects + / 3 projects

More than 130,000 people have benefited from our projects so far, distributed inside and outside Syria

Huge reach on social media

1- Facebook page +340K
2- Facebook group +198K
3- Instagram account +9K
4- Telegram channel +30K
5- Linkedin page +20K